A Few Words About Us

We help individuals to come together to build a better future

Locality Links CIC aims to inspire local people to take part in society as equal members. We want society to be fairer, more inclusive and more cohesive. We promote participation, by supporting individuals and groups in opening up opportunities and to take the lead in making positive and effective contributions to the world they live in.

Our Vision:

To support the development of ‘caring communities’ whose residents are involved in building an exciting future based on co-operation, sustainability, enterprise and openness to change

Why we are here

We are committed to making lives better for local people and to use our experiences to help others across the country. 

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Our Impact

We help individuals and communities across London and the south east to carry out hundreds of projects each year. Tackling loneliness and isolation and helping people to foster stronger communities.

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Quality Standards

Locality Links ensures that all services and activities are of a high standard. Locality Links CIC is registered with the Office of the Regulator of Community Interest Companies and Social Enterprise UK.  

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