Our Development Board

The Development Board supports Locality Links by extending its network of supporters and givers. Peter Cragg chairs the group whose members are senior representatives of companies and leading philanthropists.

The Development Board discuss strategic plans and set the direction of support. They canvass potential supporters and introduce partners and donors to Locality Links. They also initiate and participate in activities which help Locality Links develop our supporter base.

The group is currently focused on raising support for the Altogether Better Fund programme which will:

  • • Change Lives: instilling hope and ambition, unleashing creativity and potential
  • • Catalyse Social and Economic Wealth: using mechanisms such as sport and mentoring to engage people in community-based enterprise and employment programmes.
  • • Widen Impact: sharing the learning about pioneering initiatives that can be replicated in communities throughout the UK.

For expressions of interest in joining the group or any other enquiries contact Stephen at us@localitylinks.org.uk .